Our EASA Part 145 approved avionic service center offers a wide variety of possibilities in avionic maintenance and installations. We have partnered with the best avionic dealerships to ensure we can offer you the best products and services available in the quickest possible time.

As a member of Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA), we keep on top of the ever changing avionic market, enabling us to offer you the most up to date solutions and current information.

Our services also include ‘pre-purchase’ inspections of avionic units with regards to EASA compliance or complete avionic installations before the purchase of an aircraft, saving you time and money. Our avionics team also carries out repairs, conversions, modifications or a complete overhaul of your avionics equipment.

The avionic team has the following ratings: C 2 Auto Flight, C 3 Comms and Nav, C 5 Electrical Power, and C 13 Instruments.